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TREA-CASE Evaluator Registration Instructions

TREA-CASE Evaluator Registration Instructions

Texas law now requires that each district evaluate itself and each of its campuses in eight specific categories. Dime Box ISD values feedback from its community and we appreciate you taking the time to submit an evaluation of various programs within our district as they relate to community and student engagement.

To begin the evaluation, you must click on the link below or type the link into your web-browser.

1. https://www.thecasesolved.com/get-started
2. Within the “Evaluator” box click on the “Sign Up” button.
3. Enter 144903 as Dime Box’s County District number and click the “Check District” button.
4. Select “Dime Box School” in the box below.
5. Under the “Create Account Box” enter your email address and password.
6. Click on Create Account.
7. Click on “Start Evaluation.”
8. This takes you directly to the Fine Arts evaluation page.
9. Slide the evaluation tool from "0" to "10" to indicate your belief in the success of each program with "10" being the highest.
10. After you answer all the questions click on “Save and Continue” Button
11. This will advance you to the next Module.
12. When completed with all of the questions the program will give you a screen that says: You have completed the Evaluation for this Campus.
13. Click on small “downward arrow” in the top right of the tool bar which will have a pull down menu.
14. Click “Log Out”.
15. The evaluation should take approximately 10 min to complete 35 questions.

If you need assistance, please contact the campus office and thank you for your time on this project.